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Alaska Cannery and Smokehouse uses wild salmon that has been caught in the pristine glacier fed waters of Alaska. We do NOT use farmed fish or any other type of fish that was not born wild into the waters of Alaska.

The Alaska salmon we process is rich in Omega-3 oils, which have been proven to substantially reduce the risk of coronary disease, if properly incorporated into your diet. In addition to high Omega-3 oils, our salmon are high in protein, low in saturated fats, and contain no trans fats. Pure and natural seafood from Alaska is delicious and healthy.

Every Fish We Sell Is Wild!

Frozen / Fresh King Salmon

Alaska Cannery and Smokehouse offers wild King Salmon that contains a natural robust flavor and is easily blended with an unlimited quantity of recipes.

Each portion contains 2 servings (appx. 3/4 lb).

Fresh King Salmon
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Fresh Sockeye Salmon
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Frozen / Fresh Sockeye Salmon

Bright Red Sockeye has a rich, natural flavor to savor. This fish is extremely versatile as far as recipes are concerned, but is also great when baked or thrown on a grill.

Each portion contains 2 servings (appx. 3/4 lb).

Frozen / Fresh Silver Salmon

Alaskan Silver (also know as Coho) is a mild, delicately flavored salmon that is lighter in color and flavor than Sockeye. This mild, scrumptious fish melts in your mouth and is a sure way to impress your friends around the barbeque.

Fresh Coho Salmon
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Fresh Halibut
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Frozen / Fresh Halibut

Alaskan Halibut is praised around the world for its easy preparation and excellent flavor. Wild Halibut has an endless amount of culinary possibilities. From Enchiladas to Jasonís Famous Halibut Olympia, Halibut is a wonderful option for any meal.

Frozen / Fresh King Salmon and Halibut Combo

Our wild King Salmon and Halibut combination offers the best in fresh salmon and Halibut. Rarely are these two species of fish offered together at such an affordable price. This combination is great for a dinner party where you would really like to impress your friends - Alaskan Style. Also a good choice for rewarding yourself.

Fresh King Salmon
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Larger Volumes available, please call 800-451-1400.

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