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The Alaska Cannery and Smokehouse offer a few items that are traditionally packed in jars. These items include smoked & natural caviar, smoked Sockeye, and Jalapeno Coho Salmon.

The other, somewhat, traditional items that we sell are salmon jerky that comes in regular and peppered flavor, as well as King salmon collars and Fins.

Smoked Sockeye Salmon

A nice, traditional, hand packed, smoked Sockeye. This makes a great gift for anyone who loves smoked fish. It is also an excellent idea to keep for yourself. Packed in a 6.5-oz. home-style jar - these are a must have.

Smoked Sockeye Salmon, 6.5 oz jars

Smoked Sockeye Salmon, 3 oz jars
3 oz Smoked Sockeye

The 3 oz is the same great smoked Sockeye Salmon as the 6.5 oz jar, just for fewer people per serving. Ideal for gift giving.

Smoked Jalapeno Silver Salmon

If you have enjoyed our smoked Sockeye, you will really like the Jalapeno Silver Salmon. See the Jalapeno’s slices in the bottom of the 6.5 oz bottle. Enjoy the tasty flavor without the hot pepper taste. An extra dimension added to Smoked Salmon.

Smoked Jalapeno Silver (Coho) Salmon, 6.5 oz jars

Red Salmon Caviar
Red Salmon Caviar

Highly prized, wild Alaska Red Salmon caviar is taken from native stocks of Southeast Alaskan Waters. Our caviar comes from the best selection of fresh, wild Salmon. We offer a smoked variety or a regular flavor in 1.75 oz jars. No refrigeration is required until opening. Choose from our two varieties of tasty pearls.

Natural Red Salmon Caviar

Smoked Red Salmon Caviar

Natural & Smoked
Red Salmon Caviar Combo

3 oz Smoked Sockeye in Wood Box

Two of our smaller jars of tasty smoked sockeye salmon fit snugly into this rustic wood box. Just add a bow to create the perfect gift for your special salmon lover.

Smoked Sockeye Salmon, 3 oz jars in Wood Box

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