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Specialties & Gift Packs

The Alaska Cannery and Smokehouse has a number of great gifts for anyone who loves salmon. These gifts are sure to bring smiles to the faces of those you love. We offer plenty of fish in some of these samplers. Whether you are looking to feed just yourself or entertain for an evening we - have what you are looking for.

Salmon Jerky
Salmon Jerky

This savory treat tastes great. Take hiking, fishing, put in lunches or use as an after school snack. We offer a smoked, peppered, or mango chipotle variety. These packages of jerky come in 3 oz hand-packed portions.

Smoked Salmon Jerky

Peppered Salmon Jerky

  Mango / Chipotle Salmon Jerky

3 Flavors of Salmon Jerky

Alaska Bits

Alaska Seafood's newest sensation. The healthy alternative to bacon bits. All natural, plus wild Smoked Salmon. Use anywhere you would bacon bits...on a potato, a salad, macaroni & cheese (my favorite), or just pour in your hand & eat. 2 oz bottle.

Alaska Bits

Alaska Bits

The Entertainer

The best of both worlds. The two most asked for products - 2 lbs. of Hot Smoked (kippered) Sockeye and 1 - 5 oz. Cold Smoked (Lox) Sliced Sockeye. Try it, you'll like it. We even include a 3 oz pack of Salmon Jerky.

Double your pleasure on the Entertainer for only $30.00 extra!
4# Smoked Sockeye, 2 - 5 oz. Sliced Lox, and two 3 oz packs of Salmon Jerky.

Entertainer Packs

Captain's Choice

This is a variety of the skipper's select stash:

    1-6 oz can of Salmon Spread
    1-6 oz can of Smoked King Salmon
    1-6 oz jar of Smoked Sockeye
    1-1.75 oz jar of Natural Red Salmon Caviar
    1-1.75 oz jar of Smoked Red Salmon Caviar
    1-3 oz packs of Smoked Salmon Jerky
Captain's Choice

Captain's Choice

Trapper's Cache
The Trapper's Cache

These are his favorites. Something for everyone:
1-Salmon Dip
    (Made simple - add whipped cream cheese, crackers, & friends)
2-3 oz packs of Salmon Jerky (1 Smoked & 1 Peppered)
1-Alaska Bits, the healthy alternative to bacon bits.
3-4 oz smoked pouches of...
    - 1 Smoked Halibut
    - 1 Garlic/Pepper Smoked Salmon
    - 1 Maple Smoked Salmon

Trapper's Cache

Glacier Gourmet

A succulent combination of seafood from the glacier-fed waters of Alaska. Each item will easily please two. Served together, they offer a true taste of Alaska's best for an intimate gathering of friends.

    3/4-1 lb Frozen / Fresh Halibut
    3/4-1 lb Frozen / Fresh King Salmon
    1 lb Hot Smoked Silver Salmon
    5 oz Sliced Wild Sockeye Lox
    1-6 oz pouch of Smoked Salmon Dip
    1-6 oz pouch of Mango / Chipotle Salmon Dip
Carefully packed in an insulated box that will travel overnight to your door.

Glacier Gourmet

Glacier Gourmet

Salmon Dip
(Click to enlarge)
Smoked or Mango / Chipotle Salmon Dip

This is an easy, almost ready to eat appetizer. Recipe on back. Tear open at notch on top of the pouch. Drop patty into shallow bowl and mince with fork. Add 1 - 2 tablespoons of whipped cream cheese. Stir. Add your favorite crackers and friends.

Original Smoked Salmon Dip

Mango / Chipotle Salmon Dip

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