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Lox (Lachs) are the traditional “Old World” smoked salmon. Depending on who or where it is processed and whether or not it is smoked or the brining technique will determine its name. Nova, Nova Scotia, and Gravalox are all different styles of processing.

Our “Alaska Lox” is most similar to Scotch Lox. We have blended "Old World" techniques with native Alaskan's to our own uniique brand. Alaska Cannery & Smokehouse uses a dry brine of salt and brown sugar followed by a trip through our smokehouse using native alderwood to generate smoke.

Lox are commonly used as appetizers such as with bagels and cream cheese.

Sliced King Lox

Our award winning King Lox are dry brined to ensure only the best possible flavors and deep, rich, natural color. "No preservatives or enhancers are added." The Lox are then smoked to perfection using natural alderwood. Great on top of a bagel, crackers, and dips - as an appetizer, alone, or incorporated in a sushi roll. The lox is sliced onto a 5 oz. gold board and individually vacuum-packed.

Sliced King Lox

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Sockeye Salmon Lox
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Fillet of Sockeye Salmon Lox
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Unsliced Fillet of Sockeye Lox

The fillet of Sockeye Lox is a beautiful ruby red 20 oz side. This is a generous 1-1/4 lb centerpiece for your finest occassion. It is perfectly smoked and packaged, making this an ultimate delicacy for any dining experience. Your friends will love it and you will become the highlight of the party.

Unsliced Sockeye Lox


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Expedited Deliveries and Larger Volumes available, please call 800-451-1400.

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